Two-Tier Drapes  
    Protected by U.S. Patent No. 6,019,102

Disposable Two-Tier Table Drapes

Unique single piece disposable drapes
One piece drape easily covers both upper and main table surfaces.
The clear plastic backdrop protects the sterile field while allowing light through to the main table surface.
Standard: 0.006 thick - two layer system including absorbent layer. For OR use.
Heavy Duty: 0.028 thick - three layer system including extra absorbent center layer.
Designed specifically for large orthopedic and spinal procedures. This drape should be accepted by the most discerning OR staff as a "stand alone" drape when considering potential strike through.

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Reinforced Single Level Table Drapes
This very heavy flat drape is intended for use with our Specialty Back Tables as a regular single level drape.

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